A3 stuck locking wheel nut


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Guys wondering if anyone has had this issue before...

front passenger side locking wheel nut is jammed on, tackled it myself and had no luck, took it to a garage to take it off and he sheered the locking wheel nut key, got another one from Audi and tried with a cross wheel brace with 2 people and still wouldn't come off... also tried my mate who is a mechanic and he couldn't get it off! starting to wonder if it ever will come off, has anyone got any tips here or past experiences for this as the new locking wheel nut key i have purchased is starting to wear already from the attempts of my mate who is mechanic where it slipped off from putting on as much pressure.

The drives side front was also incredibly difficult to get off but eventually did give.... the car is 3 years old and it looks like the garage who fitted the new front tyres under the previous owner overtightened the front nuts as the back 2 wheels are on original tyres and came off without a bother.

any help greatly appreciated!