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A3 Stereo Upgrade Project

BirtDirk Jun 4, 2018

  1. BirtDirk

    BirtDirk New Member

    Hi all, I recently bought an audi a3 and it had bose in it as standard but i want more than that as i am a university theatre lighting and sound design alumni so sound is very key to me, the speakers that were there made 2 ohms but the cone was *****! so i upgraded to alpine speakers with a crossover and i part fitted them, im going to do an enclosure for each speaker because it would make the most out of it but for now ive got in the plastic holders. As for the subs, i have got 2x jbl gt4 10" subwoofers but the dont have a box, i was researching the best bass ratio and i cant seem to find any, what are your ideas?? thank you for looking at my page and i hope you will get back to me!

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  3. jamiewatkins2004

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