A3 sportback s-line concert stereo query


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Sep 8, 2012
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Hi, Ive recently bought the wife an A3 sportback quattro s-line 2.0 tdi 170 in daytona grey 2007 which has the two tone leather, rs4 wheel upgrade and factory bluetooth upgrade, I and am obviously new to this forum, I have searched a fair bit on upgrades for this model and this site seems to be the informative and helpful. Im after advice or help on the following,

1st question is that the car is fitted with a concert stereo but does not appear to have aux socket anywhere, what is needed to do this, i have read things about being able to connect something through the glovebox but i am not sure what is invloved, what i need, cost etc.. whether or not i will maintain the steering wheel controls, would be nice to be able to use my ipod/iphone for songs if possible.

2nd is that if i wanted to upgrade to BOSE speakers etc... what is needed, is any re-programming required or do i just buy the speakers and fit them? what happens to the subwoofer and amp etc... Im sure somebody has done these upgrades.

3rdly, with regard the bletooth, is it possible to reset users that it has recognized to start again for me and the wife, I have set myself up on it but not the wife as yet, is it a case of leave it as it is? I may very well get the appropriate cradle to suit iphone so it can sit in that but at the moment will just use it through the bluetooth.

Help with these things would really be appreciated, many thanks in advance,

Adam. :)
1: Would need to wire in to a location with the dumb auxin interface, what I mean by that is it would only act as an audio path, its not intelligent to be able to select tracks & scroll through the ipod or any mp3 player, mobile etc that has a headphone socket, you would need AMI for this which involved an rns-e upgrade etc.
2: Bose is speakers, amp & wiring potentially, its not a coding option I'm afraid.
3: No point in resetting, just add her as a user via pairing, job done.

If the rns, ami & bose takes your fancy, I can supply/fit all these, PM me if of interest.