A3 Sportback headlight bulbs


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I am trying to change the headlight and DRL bulbs on my 2008/58 Sportback. I am having no end of trouble. After looking at the manual and some of the threads here I still can't manage to access the bulbs as I do not have the hands of a small child. I have looked at removing the headlights themselves but it appears that I have to remove the front bumper to access the last headlight retention screw. The only problem I have is that the central torx screw (near to the bonnet release catch) is impossible to loosen. Has anyone else had this problem or am I going **** about face and there is an easier way of changing these bulbs?


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It's not easy but I used a small vanity mirror and a flashlight to see what exactly I needed to do before hand and then followed the instructions from the car manual.
I purchased some after market LED DRL's and only managed to get one fitted which was very dificult.I ended up putting the original one's back and left it at that for now.I think the holder itself was slightly out of spec from the Audi one's here.
The headlight bulbs were easier but again you need to know what to do (as above).