a3 sportback 40 tfsi e sport 5dr s tronic


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New to the forum and new to Audi but getting above car soon as company car and can't wait.

I do have some questions though and would really appreciate some advice.

1. Does it self charge?
2. I have read that the engine starts by electric mode, does this mean if I forget to charge the battery it wont start? Reason I ask is I do a 40 mile one trip commute so 80 miles per day and I am nervous that I could have an issue with the battery draining and not being able to get home from work? or will this not happen?
3. What is the MPG like for this car with commute like above with motorway mileage

Thanksvery much, looking forward to getting the car, but this electric point is worrying me a little. Thanks


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I own the 8v version which is basically the same car in a different shell. If your driving profile will not fit in 50% of the electric range between charges you will be better off with a different car .

I would honestly not buy an Audi PHEV again, in comparison to the others I have driven they are terrible as PHEVs, the customer service has also been absolutely terrible with little support or understanding at all levels for the technology and drivetrains in these cars

There are features that still do not work properly 3 years after buying the car .

Yes it will charge the battery, but at the cost of fuel economy

No the car will always reserve enough to start the engine

If the previous 8v car is anything to go by those ranges will be no where near the quoted numbers in summer and even worse in winter, as far as I understand the drive train is very similar with a larger battery ?