A3 sport "play" in back end


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Hi all,

I can usually be found in the 8l section but last night I drove my dads 2004 2.0tdi A3 sport. It's done over 160k miles but the engine, gearbox etc is still sound. However,when going into right hand bends with any speed it feels as though once you turn in and the pressure on the tyres increases there is play that makes it feel as though the back end steps out slightly and you then need to compensate with the steering wheel. It doesn't happen on left hand bends so suggests passenger side rear. I jacked it up and pulled it this way and that but probably couldn't exert enough pressure on it to find the play (not wheel bearing). Any ideas which bush / arm this is likely to be? Any common faults? I had a search but couldn't find anything.

Thanks in advance.



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TBH mate, 04 so any bush/arm would need checking for play, bearings is one on the 8P to fault, bushes arent IMHO cut & dry on these, as not often I hear the same part failing after prelonged usage, you'll need to get a bar in there & do some levering to see if there's any tears etc in any.