A3 sport lower grill


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i was driving down the motor way the other and hit a bucket!! the car is fine apart from one of the grills that suround the fog lights is in about 4 bits! (PART NO. 8P3807681A)
i have found loads on e-bay but none for the A3. i was just wondering do any others fit? ive seen them for the S3 A4 A6 and A8, or is it a case of get myself down to the dealers for the right bit?
cheers dave



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I'd thought maybe a few people who have done a facelift on their cars would have a spare. The sline & S3 are different to the sport, you will need the right one.


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I bought one from Audi recently, was only about £20 so in my opinion wasn't really worth all the hassle of ebay as they weren't any cheaper.

Stevie C

Stevie C
are you talking about the black grill that holds the fogs in place?? if so i have some new ones!!!!! Spare!!!


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i bought 1 of these off audi itself .. worked out less than £30 and that was delievered and everything .. perfect