Facelift A3 Sedan 1.4TFSi Air filter question!


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Whats up,

I'm collecting my 1.4TFSi A3 Sedan/Saloon tomorrow and I have a question. On my MK7 Golf GTD, when you unscrew the air filter lid off and can see the air filter, take out the air filter and there's a black grille that can be removed. I removed it on my GTD but no turbo noise. I'm just wondering what happens if I take this out of my TFSi? Will the turbo be louder? Has anyone done this on a TFSi? I watched a YouTube video before and the guy said it helps more air come through the air filter and he said to clean air filter more often.

Here is a picture if you're unsure.



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Could affect your warranty?


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Seriously do not believe everything you see on YouTube...