A3 Saloon tyre choice help


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Hi all,
with so many tyre choices out there, need a few recommendations on tyre choices please? Looking for a reasonable priced tyre that’ll do a good job on all weather conditions.

I own an A3 saloon tfsi 65 plate. Currently still have the original tyres on which are Dunlop 225 40r18
I done less than 20k but the tread do seem quite worn, even though I don’t drive like a mad man, however the left front may have a slow puncture as the pressure seems to be dropping significantly hence why I intend to take it to a kwik fit to be checked out.

Any ideas will be appreciated. I’ve looked on black circles as well. Anyone used there brand? It’s obviously cheaper than your standard Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone etc but can it do more or less the same job....?

Thanks in advance everyone.



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There's plenty of topics on the forum discussing this. May recommend Michelin PS4s, Pirelli P zeros etc. Quick search on the forum will provide plenty of info on this topic which should help.

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If you want a very good tyre that won't hurt your wallet, you can get a set of Matador Hectorra MP47, I quite like them.