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A3 saloon - Thule Wingbar paint protection

r6ymy Aug 3, 2015

  1. r6ymy

    r6ymy Registered User

    Hi, I've just bought a set of Thule wingbars for my A3 saloon. They come with a set of four clear paint protection stickers - I've applied one and the results are horrible. It's a really thick obvious patch, nothing like 3M Ventureshield film which I've used before on my motorbike.
    I'll only be using the bars occasionally - to get us all to the airport for family holidays. and bike carriers a few times a year.
    Has anyone else used the Thule bars, are the rubber feed likely to mark the paint?
    If they do need some protection, I'll maybe try some Ventureshield as a permanent solution, or even just some gaffer tape when I'm going to use the bars, and remove straight afterwards. 2015-08-03 20.31.43.jpg
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  3. steeve

    steeve Registered User

    I think I'd be wary of using anything else, such as gaffer tape without being certain the adhesive doesn't have anything such as solvents that would affect the paint.
  4. Broadstraik

    Broadstraik Registered User

    I purchased the Audi roof bars and cycle carriers which are made by Thule for my A3 saloon and have used them once. There were no paint protection stickers supplied but the instructions just said to make sure the areas where the mountings for the roof bars came in contact with the roof were spotlessly clean. There was no damage to the paintwork when the roof bars were removed.
  5. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Assuming the paint protection is applied wet does it still look like that or has it dried out ?
  6. r6ymy

    r6ymy Registered User

    No. it's not applied wet. This is a very thick self adhesive tape, I've bought stuff like this before for protecting bicycle frames, it's sold as helicopter tape.
    I've used thinner films that are applied wet and are almost invisible when on, I think I'll buy some of that, if it still looks bad I'll go with Broadstraiks suggestion and use direct on the paintwork but make sure it's spotless first.
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  7. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Sounds like a plan ! We use the wet stuff at work a 3M product which is easy to apply and quite forgiving until you squeegee it to remove the fluid then it drives out and sticks like the proverbial to a blanket and virtually invisible til you get a bit of polish stuck to the edges otherwise you'd have to look twice to spot it.
  8. dg-1984

    dg-1984 Registered User

    Sorry to bring this back up, just found this thread.
    I'm fitting roof bars and wondering if the gorilla clear repair tape would be able to be put on the mounting points to protect the car.

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