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A3 Saloon S-Line Problems

Nem Jun 12, 2018

  1. Nem

    Nem New Member Bronze Supporter

    So, try and keep this brief as I can...

    2015 A3 Saloon 1.4 tfsi s-tronic car. Had two issues and it went into Audi Nottingham in September 2017, groaning front drivers suspension and a loose rattle underneath somewhere. They had the car 2 weeks and fixed the groan with some grease - a known issue, and for the rattle they said it was in the gearbox. Gearbox was removed and a piece of sound deadening and a 'shim' was apparently missing from factory and these were ordered and fitted.

    Pretty much straight away the rattle was still there, if not straight away, but there was then a new problem with a squeal on mid power upshifts. The suspension groan was resolved however.

    Went back in in November for the rattle and also the gear change squeal, was with them 7 weeks in the end. New clutch pack to fix the squeal and now the rattle was fixed by removing and re-greasing the front wishbones.

    Rattle still there straight away again and now we had a rumbling / vibration on pretty much all mid power acceleration. Couldn't face it going back in so tried to forget about it, so 3 months later booked it back in. They couldn't hear the noise on acceleration and gave us the car back after 1 day.

    New noise then developed with the drivers front suspension. Acceleration noise still there and the initial rattle was still present. Complained to the business manager of the dealership. Was booked in for a extended test drive with one of the Master Techs - this went well and he heard all 3 of the problems and car was booked in for this Monday just gone.

    After 2 days got a call saying great news we've sorted the problems and it's ready to collect - oh, well apart from the noise on acceleration as we can't recreate it, and also the rattle underneath is a normal noise for that model. The front end groaning is fixed with a new top mount bush. Told them to keep trying and I'm basically not collecting the car until it's fixed.

    Again 2 days later the same phone call, all fixed apart from that noise and the rattle. Told them to speak to the business manager and ask him if it's acceptable I'm being told to collect the car not fixed.

    Another day later, last Friday, called back and they still can't recreate the fault, after the master tech had heard it less than two weeks ago and was demonstrated numerous times during the hour long test drive.

    Finally went back in yesterday to yet again demonstrate the noise, wen out with two master techs in the car and the damn thing wouldn't make any noise at all after 30 mins driving and me trying to get it to do it. they basically forced me to take the car away and book it back in 'when it gets worse' and we can hear it more apparently.

    Care was fine all the way home from the dealership, even had me thinking it was somehow resolved, then 20 minute drive in the evening and it's making the same noise as usual.

    I did get a bit more info on the rattle under the car however, it's a TPI for this exact model and they fitted a plastic shielding around the gearbox casing to reduce the noise but not eradicate it, the resulting noise is deemed acceptable - this is what was fitted back in September 2017.

    Anyone got any more advice on dealing with this? I did say to the girl on the phone that if I'd spent £80k on an RS6 would she be telling me it's got a 'standard' rattle on that model? Am I wrong in expecting an Audi not not have a built in rattle? For info, the car wasn't bought from there, was an independent garage, but this is all under standard Audi warranty. Still the most annoying this is the noise on acceleration is only there after they worked on the car so their fault.

    Loosing the will with it basically.

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  3. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group saloon Audi A4 S-line owners group

    Did you not post in overclockers the same?
  4. Nem

    Nem New Member Bronze Supporter

    Sorry, forgot you can only ask for help in one place. Don’t mind me.

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