A3 Saloon 1.6tdi DPF issues P2002


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Hey guys, I am having an issue with my 1.6tdi A3 Saloon, have a P2002 error code on the car, brought it into a garage (as its under a warranty they have to do everything, ) they removed the DPF and sent it away to be cleaned, Got it back and after 190km the light came back on,

I have VCDS so I checked the DPF and found it has very little in the filter, I was wondering if anyone has seen this before or know where to go from here? no sensors coming up on the VCDS as having issues


19226 - Particulate Trap Bank 1

P2002 00 [237] - Efficiency Below Threshold

MIL ON - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

Freeze Frame:

Fault Status: 00000001

Fault Priority: 2

Fault Frequency: 14

Mileage: 151221 km

Date: 2019.10.31

Time: 23:49:44

Photos are the error on an android app, the light on the dash and the dpf readings from VCDS


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i have the exact same car and Im having the exact same codes and exact same issue. On the carista it says i have 5grams of soot? Im not sure what the exact issue is but after doing some reaserch it could suggest the G450 sensor is bad?

If you have resolved the issue please let me know. Thanks