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A3 1.8t Quattro Sport!
Has anyone done this?

im starting to do this to mine, i will be entering quite a few races and i noticed on the "list of recommended cars" the A3/S3 isnt on there! so i have to make an application to have the car considered!

so going by that, a guess there not that common on the track!

any reason why? i have a track day on the 28th of this month in my quattro so i may be able to tell you why after that! but as for now? im confused. lol

so.. basically, i have all the race wear. clothes, helmet etc.. its just the car!

im fitting a fire extinguisher tonight.. then all im left with to comply with the rules is..

front and rear tow straps.. anyone have any pics of these fitted so i can get an idea if i want them on perminantly?

Roll cage.. thats one thing i definatly havent come across on this forum?

any help would be great.

lets see if we can get the A3 into the list of recommended cars! lol


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yeah speak to nick aka prawn, hes building/built an a3 track car, i am also doing the same,
You say you are racing? do you mean competitive racing or just a "track day"?
I would start by stripping the car of th interior, plus anything that is not needed then Fit some bucket seats and harnesses.
Rollcages are available for the a3, but prepare to pay quite a lot!! also, get fwd :)


A3 1.8t Quattro Sport!
both! i will be entering this.. Club MSV Team Trophy aswell as a fair few trackdays at snetterton (local track)

rear is stripped, not crazy, just seats, spare wheel and rubbish.. its going to be my daily aswell so going to be quite a unique project! lol

seats and harnesses are on the list.. but main thing i need is the roll cage so i can enter..

just fitted my fire extinguisher a minute ago.. so that just leaves a roll cage and cut off switch to go!

also, the maximum power/weight is 200bhp per tonne, im not sure how light you can get an a3? i doubt to a tonne can you? im a bit worried with a map it will be over this ratio?

cheers, jamie


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Read prawns thread he got to about 1100 kg


Read prawns thread he got to about 1100 kg

But his is fwd isn't it?

You'd be lucky to get a quattro under 1300kg probably.


A3 1.8t Quattro Sport!
thats weird! lol where abouts are you? pretty local or?

i have been looking online, cant find a weight for the car ANYWHERE, parkers have left it blank but have sizes etc :(


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take it down to your local tip and sling it on the weigh bridge man :)



This was with 40 litres of fuel in it, so it's around 1070kg currently, with the aircon/electric windows/radio all still in there for comfort driving over to germany.

With 230bhp that puts mine in at 215bhp/ton currently.

Is yours a TQs? I'm sure a TQ is close on 1400kg standard, so if you rang the ko3S out to 230bhp, you could afford to go down to 1150kg and be bang on the 200/ton limit. I highly doubt you'll get down to 1150 though, so you should be free to modify / lighten at will, and so long as you stay on a ko3S you'll be OK.

otherwise, if you went for a ko4, and ran it at a reliable 250bhp or so, you'd be able to bring the weight down to 1250kg and keep within the power limit. That might be a better idea, as you'd have more torque, and more top end power to make use of.

If you get anywhere with a cage let me know, I'm currently thinking of risking a mk4 golf cage, the floorpans are identical, so I know it fits in that respect, and from the measurements I've done it'll fit the A3 roof line pretty well.

It's just getting the money together for a cage :(


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For inspiration:

Mine and Georges track A3's on the way back from the Ring:



And here's a ****** good reason you might want to look at running a ko4 and slightly less boost,

Ko3S run at 22psi after 5 miles at 140mph on the autobahn:



A3 1.8t Quattro Sport!


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the alloy ones are fairly worthless, but the steel ones sound OK!

The final one, steel 6 point with added door bars sounds like a potential winner to me!

How on earth did you find that?


A3 1.8t Quattro Sport!
LOL i was looking at the 4 point one in steel. cheap cheap. but dont know if its got to be approved. will ask on 28th i guess at trackday :)


A3 1.8t Quattro Sport!
i should imagin the TQS is lighter. no tarty heavy seats etc? no spoiler ( i know its not much but every helps lol)


true about the seats but dont most companys usually make the sportier cars lighter than there counter part ie 1.8tqs vs s3 i would use that from lets torque bhp as a guide and get it on the scales as prawn did you could be here for weeks trying to find it weight as all car's are different when you have a driver inside them


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I'd take those weights with a pinch of salt personally, they can't be trusted.

Parkers used to quote 1050kg for the 8L S3, and I thought audi were simply awesome for managing to save 200kg AND add 4wd into the mix, wow, what a car!

Haha. how wrong was I all those years ago? it's not nearly so impressive when you learn that it's a fat lardy beast ;)

I can't see any race series letting you enter with a crappy rear hoop cage, you'd surely need a decent 6 point, with door bars and a harness bar. Otherwise there is no safe place to mount the harnesses


My other car is a MINI!!!!
No, Jamie swapped it for a red S13, and I think he's now got rid of that for a grey BMW Mini cooper S!