A3/S3 Photos Thread


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R Tech Stage 2+ 370bhp 420lbs

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Thanks man - here’s a front on angle - I’ve owned it for 3 years now and slowly added bits to it to where it is now, it’s a stage 2+. 370bhp - 420ftlbs . Lots of other goodies added as well. Low mileage. Still got lots more plans for it


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GREAT looking whip for sure. Just wondering if you like the placement of the S3 badge? Those Germans spent a fair amount of money to hire a designer for their OEM badge placements


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They do absolutely pop on a sunny day or bright conditions but they have a tendency to look a little dull in bleak weather, if that makes sense.
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Great for disguising the blood of careless pedestrians and cyclists too :) forever having to wipe the front of my Ibis white S3