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I've got the same setup as you at the front however I want a smaller plate. Where did you get it from and how have you mounted it without piecing through the plate? Have you got a plate holder on as I can't see any frame around the plate

Plate is off the internet somewhere, show plates or something.

My brother is a fabricator, so he made a little aluminium plate holder, smaller than the plate with holes in it. Fixes to your grille with the same fixing points and screws you get with the original kit. Then the plate it's self, sticks to the holder with double sided tape.

Hope this helps!


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Looks lovely! What wheels are those and sizes ? Ive just fitted RS brakes and had 3 different sets of wheels on in under 24 hours trying to get a set to fit! Currently got rota grids but there abit wide and rub on the back, these look like they fit alot better

Its genuine C63 amg wheels thats on it... 19" 8J ET45 all round..


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Oh did you! Id of came over if id if seen you mate. Did you see that orange one with quad pipes/ap callipers/cage etc
Didn't have my car there mate, was in my mates VXR instead haha.

Aye... Bit too much for me that like. I've seen it kicking around Bedlington too.


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Yeah mate, 4 Fronts then had them redone in Graphite Black..

If your looking for 18's to fit over, then i'm positive TD 1.2's fit over no probs without spacers.. Probably your best bet


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nice whip? how did you get the wheels to look so nice? One minor suggestion...did you ever think of pulling off the 4 rings on the wheel caps and painting them the same color as the wheels? I think the wheels will really pop with that minor detail
Awright buddy, wen i baught the car they came like that there really nice. Never thaught of doing it probs will look smart tho and will be hard to get them the colour of the wheels


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AmD Stage 1 Mapped DSG S3


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Part ex'd my a4 cab yesterday for this a3 black edition, This is my first diesel car and I'm loving the economy.
So far I have clayed, glazed and waxed, will give it a proper detail when it's cooler