A3/S3 Photos Thread

Sprint blue one looks really clean. What products have you used on it?
This is my new a3 sport which I am in love with! Now looking to do it up but by bit... Any suggestions guys? Thanks :meeting:


Should I do the alloys Gloss black?

Picture quality is crap cos of tapatalk, just put it up for people's thoughts on my wheels,

Better pics below...

Hmm when I mentioned to Mark8490 a couple weeks back about his new wheels on his solar orange s3 would look nice in anthracite and that I didn't think the high polished alloy suited loud coloured cars, you didn't agree and you said that you don't like black or anthracite , because they look to much..

What's happened ? :D
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Few pictures of my new ride, love it! Other one looked nice, white black edition but the diesel just didnt cut it!
Petrol it is from now on! :)
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That's what I did -



Should I do the alloys Gloss black?

Picture quality is crap cos of tapatalk, just put it up for people's thoughts on my wheels,

Better pics below...
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My A3 S Line conversion before and after! What do you think? Still needs to be lowered It's sitting way too high! And before you say "why didn't you get a S Line" my insurance wouldn't cover me due to my age and area. It's a 1.9 TDI so not the fastest thing on the planet. Anyone recommend any further mods and anybody know of any good ECU mappers in the West Yorkshire area?
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A few iPhone snaps of mine from a recent meet

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had to stop and take a quick snap lol
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That looks superb, what model BBS are they?
After a year I finally got rid of my first car and bought my A3.

There is loads I want to do to it, but until i earn some more dolla, itll have to stay like this!

Hopefully the picture will have worked!


Also I look forward to meeting some of you at AITP!!



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Oryt m8, yeah as Mr. B has quoted there^ take a look through that,

And i took it off as i have a few people wanting me to re spray their cars, and i wanted to make sure it didnt cause any damage before spraying it onto their pride and joys. I will be doing mine blue, the same as the one below,, and what do you mean by S3 Door blades m8? as in the strips along the side of the car? There isnt any difference is there -_^ ?

what blue is this
Recently purchased 2007 S3. Phantom Black and pretty much as it came from Ingolstadt with some optional extras.
I know most of you don't like bodykits but here's mine





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Not the best pic but thought she deserved it after a clean :)
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My 2005 model, I'd love to upgrade to a facelift 58/09 model but if I want that I'd have to get off my backside and get a part time job alongside university!



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