A3 Quattro not performing as expected in UK snow


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Dear all,

I'm curious. I live in Kent. We had a good old dollop of snow last night, so I thought it would be a perfect day to take my 3.2 Quattro A3 to work instead of the non-Quattro 1.8T.


I'm gutted.

I had to have a couple of blokes push the back of the car up a slippery hill because only the front wheels were rotating under power.

After getting to some flat snowy ground I opened my driver's door and watched the rear wheel as I tried some throttle-on action. I tried with ESP on and ESP off. In both scenarios the front wheels would spin up but the rears were just along for the ride - just as if the car was 2wd!

Now I've felt the rears engage when I've been hooning around a roundabout too fast. And the rears have engaged in the past when I've done some standing starts with the ESP off on a warm, sticky bit of tarmac.

But today, in the snow, where I hoped I'd benefit from some (albeit electronic) 4wd I got nothing!

Has anyone else experienced a lack of 4wd engagement in snowy and icy conditions in their Audi?

(I've checked out many Youtube videos which clearly show the rear wheels providing good drive in snow. Now I'm worried I've got a problem with the car.)

Comments welcomed please.



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I have an old school quattro but that said you're scenario doesn't sound right. Vcds should show if there is a fault with clutch in the rear axle. I wonder how you would observe the propshaft from the transfer box to see if it's still rotating?