A3 No Dash Lights An Wont Tick Over?


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so i took out my dash / clocks with the ignition off to have a look at the lcd flickering. i then put back the clocks with just the 3 colour coded connectors with the ingnition off again. now when i try to start the car the clocks dont light up at all and the fuel needle dont move and the car fires up but i cant rev it up an it cuts out with in seconds.

had the rac out and they dont no whats wrong so its going to audi tomo for fixing..anyone got any ideas? ive checked all fuses an seems weird how its doing this after taking off the 3 connectors and reconnecting them. arrhhhh


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There was a thread on here a few weeks back where someone had the same problem and it's to do with the immobiliser. Will see if I can find the thread.

Edit: Here ya go. Same thing..the guy unplugged his clocks and then the car wouldn't start. He just took it all apart and reassembled it again:



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thanks for the reply. just gonna have another mess arround with it. seems real odd to me why the connectors that seem to be connected ok are doing this. weird.

EDIT/ Solved. turns out it was the connectors at the back that wasnt clicked in properly. the plastic lever was pushed over but not popped in..lol sweet.