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A3 N/a 1.8 HELP

claytox May 13, 2018

  1. claytox

    claytox New Member

    Okay. Sorry if these are already answered but I can't find the answers anywhere.

    I want better brakes, and an exhaust.

    Also, really confused about the headunit deal with these. I've read plenty about double din units, but haven't really found a thread where someone has put in a normal aftermarket Pioneer or something as such.. Why?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for these? I can't find much to do with the A3's.. Would S3's brakes be a worthwhile mod that's simple? Does anyone make a bolt on exhaust?

    All replies are appreciated,
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  3. claytox

    claytox New Member

    Also, anyone want to advise me how to remove the trim on the rear hatch? Only half the lights work in my 3rd brake light lol
  4. Erikn89nl

    Erikn89nl Well-Known Member

    I've got an aftermarket single DIN headunit in my 1.8T... what trouble are you having with it?

    I'm not too familiar with the N/A A3, but I believe it has a different front suspension to the 1.8T, and the S3 front suspension is different again. It's probably not as simple as it may seem.

    I've no idea, but what is the reason for wanting to change it?

    There is a link to the workshop manuals in the stickies, I believe...
  5. Dohcwp

    Dohcwp Setting the Standard Team Silver Audi A3

    you can fit s3 or TT brakes but you will have to get a complete set of hubs like i did and bigger wheels, 312mm discs wont fit with the stock alloys (i went with the tt brakes) also remember the the brakes will give improved stopping power but they do add weight as they are much heavier than the standard braking system

    tt brakes.jpg

    you can also do double din conversions (use a facelift centre console, i went a bit further and mixed some parts from other VAG vehicles) the double din console will have to be modified to accomodate the hvac and demister buttons, or you can use a facelift hvac from an a4 b5



    for a good stainless exhaust its probably advisable to have it made up, less hassles in the long run



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