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So I had a drunken idiot in my car who has snapped my screen. It is still hanging on but it won't turn on and is obviously getting stuck when it tries to pop up. The screen is slightly cracked on the corner, I'm hoping it will still work and it just needs reconnecting. How much is it to get it re-wired/reconnected? And how much is it if the screen needs completely replacing? Really appreciate advice as it's the first Audi I have driven and my other car up until now was an old banger in comparison! Any advice on where to get it fixed Widnes/ Warrington/ Liverpool area appreciated!


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I'd just give them a call then ask - then you can assess your course of action. I guess (and its only a guess) it'll be 200-300 for the MMI then another couple of hundred for fitting. I would say its original as its still fitted in the car but you could always look locally and collect just to be sure.


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Send @NHN a message i'm sure he could help and possibly cheaper than Audi.


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8P or 8V model?