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Nov 6, 2018
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Evening all,

I have just bought a used A3 1.6 sportback 09 plate, it has the Audi chorus head unit, but there's no AUX and no AMI port in the car.

My question is what are my options for connecting my phone for music?

Is it better to get an aftermarket double din fitted or is there options for me to adapt the chorus in someway to add an AUX/USB/Bluetooth connection?

Thanks in advance.
There are a few options but if you are into the android headunits, take a look at xtrons.co.uk. Their headunits are amazing and they make them for the A3. Comes with A2DP Bluetooth so you can stream your music.
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Or if you are wanting to keep the factory headunit, there are many Bluetooth + aux kits that tap into the cd changer port of the back of the head unit. But if you are looking into a Factory style install use the kufatec to install the factory aux cable which looks cleaner on the dis screen as if shows the source as being aux and there being lower electrical interference
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I can fit any of the above, but 1st & most importantly, what would you like to achieve, end game then suggestions would be based on this & of course budget.
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First off thank you all for your suggestions, for now my end game is connecting my phone to the stereo for music, AUX is fine for me as long as it looks clean.

I will probably look into a double din in the future.