A3 exhaust on ebay

Shouldnt be too hard to get it to fit - but imo will make your car look like its owned by a 17 yr old who really wanted a nova
prob would look chav havin those 2 pipes stickin out from under the bumper...unless u want to modify and cut out holes to bed them in properly. my opinion would b no tho...bit too chavy.
I actually really like that look, R32 style etc...

Had them on my Golf and didnt really look chavvy tbh, and it is something im wanting to do to mine, but being the Quattro the pipes are different apparently.

My only prob is having the rear parking sensors i didnt really want to be cutting the rear valance about, but also dont want them hanging down, hmm!
the R32 look does look good, its just the A3 rear bumper doesnt have the cutouts for a twin pipe, could look bodged if not done properly.
also , as i have found out from just getting my exhaust fitted, you have to cut into the metal body work right behind the bumper,bit of a ******.. In my opinion, it would look good it the tail pipes were round, but then again still a bit odd.. spend more money on something you really want ! :)
See i think you guys have just confirmed my doubts... theres a kid going around where I live (looks 17) with a very nice golf.... (which i bet mummy and daddy paid for)... which he has then ruined.... it has a single back box on there the same shape and it sounds stupid... plus sum tacky lexus lights.... its not a good look. So I think im guna say that one will be left on ebay for some1 else.

the R32 exhaust does look good on an R32, and on a golf, because it makes it look like an R32.

an r32 style exhaust may even look good on an A3.

that exhaust, in the ebay link, to quote someone on here a few days ago, makes baby jesus cry.

really, that exhaust will NEVER look good on an A3, and thats not opinion, its fact.

Daz: your car looks/sounds really nice from the description and pic in your sig. that exhaust just isnt in keeping with the car.

go with something like an S3 style exit, just two 60mm pipes exiting on the left, via a small cutout in the bumper. or if you really like the letterbox, just a single one can look OK i guess....

but really, that sorta exhaust belongs on a nova....
didnt mean to sound harsh if it came across like that :)

just trying to save you.

share the love......
I know I know... as stated when I first created the thread... i had a feeling it was "abit too tacky... chavy....sh!t for an a3?"....
Have you got any links too pre made trims etc that would fit my exhaust? Thinking about doing the naughty with a decat pipe aswell:blush: , would just have too pop the cat back on when MOT time comes by. My car is gettin more illegal day by day... the tints... the plates... hmmm funny thing is im currently applying to get into the police force :zen: :)
bouncer--daz said:
My car is gettin more illegal day by day... the tints... the plates... hmmm funny thing is im currently applying to get into the police force :zen: :)

You'll prob fit right in with most of em then, lol

Does the de-cat actually make that much difference then? altho just once a year, would be a pain having to take it off, then back on, and what happens if you get stopped?

I didnt know u have to cut into the metal, eek! Its a shame as lots of the A4's have dual exit pipes and its a look that I luv!

I think the oval pipes arent the best as many have said, maybe twin round pipes each side instead?!.......errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........lol

I have a feeling I may have to go for a custom job as no one really seems to list dual exit for the A3!
I think i agree with you on the twin round pipes... not sure bout both sides... would be interesting too do a custom job but i dont fancy having too cut away the metal to get it too fit either. Removing the cat will open it up abit. My mates have done it on there scooby's and skylines... they say they have noticed a big difference. As for gettin stopped... when have you ever known of a copper looking under a car too check ur exhaust? Its just one of those things for the MOT.
yeah I was joking about twin both sides, lol, i mean it looks ok on a M3/M5 etc...but would be bit OTT on ours I think!

Oh right, so it would be turbo back then would it? and would make some difference, interesting!

I once saw an A4 I think at a show, and they had the 4 Audi rings somehow as their tail pipe, it actually looked good! Guess you had to be there as could sound dogy, lol

Ive always gone with Scorpion systems in the past as they seem to have a nice, but not to loud note, the Milteks seem a little quiet for my personal liking, i know its nice and descreet, but I like the deep burbly sound, my Cossie couldnt of sounded nicer if id wanted it to...ahhh memories :blownose:

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