A3 drivers front brake


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Hi all,

my a3 has developed a problem with the front drivers brakes.

last saturday the mrs said she smelt burning from the wheel and that the heat coming from that disk was alot. I removed the caliper and cleaned the carrier up and put some copper grease back on the slider and brake bads and also cleaned up the bolts holding the caliper on. took it for a drive and all seemed fine.

now this morning the same has happened again. alot of heat coming from the same brake and same burning smell ect.

Is this a sign of a stuck caliper piston not retracting and pads stuck on disk? the car doesnt pull to the right when braking or not braking.

any info would be great.




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yea its sounding very like it. no didnt have big enough crows legs to grip piston and back of caliper to try to move back.


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I had the same problem with my Impreza, no real symptoms other than a hot disc. Turned out 3 out of the 4 pistons were sticking!

It's easy enough to sort out, pop the piston out and clean it along with the caliper bore. Use some red rubber grease to reassemble and maybe get a seal kit on hand to swap those while you're there. I normally stick a piece of wood in the caliper just thick enough to stop the piston turning in to a projectile and then pump the brake pedal to push it out.


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just replace with used one (15-20£) or new one (50£+ but cheaper than sending it to refurb, personal experience).