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Dec 27, 2007
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Right chaps.... I should be well positioned here with the amount of time ive been a member...just wanted other opinions

Going to look at a 5 door TQS tomorrow with 113k on the clock (for the misus), its had a shed load of work done, including the rear boot respray recently due to scratchs apparently (badges havent been replaced correctly)

The engine seems to have been rebuilt 2-3k back.... receipts are included from Euro parts for haed gasket,bolts, unblocking of oil feed pipe going into turbo, cambelt, haldex oil, new steering rack, valve seats have had work done too....likely to be a few more bits once ive gone through the huge receipt list

im obviously concerned that all this work has been carried out recently but on the other hand see it as a positive IF the work has been done correctly....of which im going to struggle to tell, the car will have a warranty and its up at 3k for which im looking to drop the garage IF we dont end up going for the immaculate kingfisher 51 plate 2wd with 80k on the clock for £3500

any thoughts?

Well, its 5 door for a start.....noooooooooooo!

I'd be looking at the 80K one personally mate, I'd steer clear of any car thats had to have that much work done to it, could all be innocent but it could be because previous owners are cabbages so you could well end up with a total pup that gives you no end of trouble.

IMO its a no brainer mate.
yup i think i agree fella....plus its an X plate which 3k isnt exactly cheap, she would prefer a 5 door but not mandatory....oh and its also had 5 owners!! gonna have a look tomorrow...she only likes it cos its white!! (awful car to sell)

gotta say though i didnt think it would look very good.....in white

its got RSTT's and looks really nice in actual fact.....
She would prefer 5 doors because it will be easier to get the babies chair in and out :)
And that is easier said than done...lol
If its a five door you are after would you not be better looking at A4's I know they are only 4 but a3 5 door just doesnt look right???
more doors, more whores boys!!!!

Seriously though Tim, you don't want a whore door, they look simply wrong, plus the TQS is going to give ****** economy compared to the fwd.

Get the kingfisher one man, simply because it's such a sexy colour!
dooood! its looking like the blue is on the main list..... shes open to both, TQS or 2wd, running costs arent really an issue with the use its gna get...the 5 doors are for her parents (mums partially sighted).....

Scott, you havent seen my misus park a Mini, the A3 will pose a problem nevermind an A4 :)

Legs....feeling that haha
Yeah my mum strugles with a corsa some woman drivers but to be honest i think its just a confidence thing not tryin to dig a hole here lol!!!
went to view 4 cars today..... all were absolute dogs, the white one was sold but battered....the kingfisher advertised as immaculate.... well where do i start, i had to push the drivers window back up after it scraped and then wouldnt return up, the starter motor was making the spinning noise after start up and the salesman told me 'they all do it' even after i told him about my 6 years with an A3 and it only started in last 2 years.... anyway, went to see two denim blues, both were nasty.... all these had horribly scuffed climate buttons, the kingfisher had a symphony with dodgy screen....what a waste of a day, 200miles driving since 10am getting home at 5pm...nackered isnt the word!!
You can buy mine if you want..£100000000000000000.00 ;)
Thats car dealers favourite phrase " they all do that mate not a problem" I liked the one i got the other day, corsa with 150k miles. "nah them engines are cheap as chips, £200", he forgot to mention about the price of putting it in !

Shame they was all dogs mate.
I lost count of the amount of knackered A3's I looked at. Treating a car like that is alien to me....

A lot of A3's though were company cars so would have been ragged and washed with gravel etc. Always worth finding one thats been private owned. I almost gave up hope before mine appeared...used as a 2nd car since new...happy days :)
yup its hard work but gladly she isnt in a rush to replace...... there were loads more wrong too, one engine had this clonking noise which the chap said was due to the cambelt which was gna be booked in on Monday.....yeah cos cambelts make noises like that :)

the kingfisher is advertised as immaculate...'you find another' and it was awful, armrest was stuck too..... stereo buttons were screwed too..... mirror glass smashed and not connected to the base which means it didnt move.....the wheels were corroded to hell...... genuinly didnt expect miracles but dumbstruck as to what i did find
You see, call me a bit mad but if I was selling a car I'd change a broken mirror glass!!.

Some cars just shout 'WALK AWAY', I did...lots and got quite ****** off. Still, the odd gem turns up now and then...glad I waited to get one with everything I wanted than settle for something I'd be ****** off with all the time.
found a nice black whore door with cream leather interior and cream dash....looks really nice, has 6 disc, 108k on the clock and FULL Audi SH due to being owned by a service clerk at an Audi dealer, water pump and cambelt done a year ago....2wd, looks absolutely mint with only slight scuff on climate buttons, wheels are pristine and brakes/tyres fairly new..... only trouble is the chap wants 4k for a 51 plate...... im not convinced as it seems to be at the high end given the year etc

thoughts..... the plan was to go between 2-3k given the fact that its just gonna sit on the drive for most of its life, although we would like a nice condition car

I'd say its worth spending a bit more to get a well documented car, could save you a load of ballache down the line.

I think his pricings a bit high though, its a 9 year old car with over 100K miles on it after all. Mines 10 years old, full history, loads of bits done (belt, pump, bushes), lots of money spent on it, spotless and just tipped 80K last week...I wouldnt expect £4k for mine on a good day!
na i think im gna offer £3500 tomorrow subject to viewing...... if he doesnt accept then we'll wait, the beauty of not being in a rush
Have you looked into mk4 golfs or seat leons, even after the S3 vs LCR debate.
Can't help noticing that emery1990's sig says he's selling up... match made in heaven?

Black 5 door with leather sounds nice though.
I have a soft spot for the 5 doors, there's a nice Dolphin Grey one parked next to my local Custom-Code place.
I miss having the practicality of the Avant!
JS i keep eyeing up the avants, i love the shape but dont need that size car.....

chopper, yeah perhaps the odd golf but the interior of the leon and the golf put her off....sooo much difference in quality

Tom - ah, its a bit weird cos all the X plates seem to have the pre face stereo in them, so i assumed it was the transition car with the KO3 and small port head, we defo want the KO3s car which will be from Y platy on yeah? - although the final model post 52 plate has nice dials and half leather which would be a double bonus
I think mine would have been one of the last pre facelift cars because I've seen X reg facelift cars which is annoying!!.

You can just make out the stereo in this pic (was testing my new WIIIIDE lens)...


Its the Chorus (Bose) with the round button in the middle, tape player and multiplayer in the boot which I presume is pre facelift?.
yep defo is mate...... my last was the same as yours, facelift is a big diff, altho facelift on X and some Y's have the same stereo..... we're trying to get the newer stereo
chers chooper, the problem with the golf is those nasty flat middle vents and buttons, they just dont look very nice..... the Leon has the same dash as ours but a different cheaper material and big clonky buttons...the difference is definately there when you look at cost and what your buying for youer money
Go for the blue one pal! sounds a very good price too! the other one made me wonder why its had soooo much work done? has it been neglected?service intervals ect? or just abused? ive seen this engine do 150k and still be sweet if serviced and looked after!
which ones are you talking about fella...the ones we viewed were awful, we're not touching any of them :)

ive pushed the chap down to £3750 on the black whore door.... he wont go lower so misus is making decision tonight, to wait or move on - cant deny its a damn good car with almost perfect history (Audi personel owned too)
looks nice but probably the worst colour to buy... cheers for the link though, it also has headlight washers which is a bonus..... cost wise id rather buy the black minter on a 51 plate for 3750, it has cream leather with the cream dash....very nice
We just bought a 52 reg with 68k in silver with the cream interior and dash! not leather tho, full audi history paid 2300, i think awsome price and it drives like new car!
that is cheap.....where did you find that? is all the cambelt and waterpump done.....
is it a write off!? Im putting mine up for double that!
Yeah, its had a repair down one side thats not great! gonna get it done proper when get some cash! car drives as new! cant believe how well it drives, for 2300 68k, 52 plate, Audi history long MOT and Tax i couldnt say no!

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