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A3 Black Edition Sportback 2.0TDI (2010) - Lowering Springs

NoGGy Apr 19, 2017

  1. NoGGy

    NoGGy New Member

    Hi All,

    I apologise in advance, as I am sure this has been done to death! I have searched the forums but couldn't find anything specific to the A3 2.0 tdi.

    I have Remapped, Miltek exhaust and BMC filter, but now looking to lower her a bit. I am fairly happy with the S-Line springs and how it sits, so was never really something I wanted to do, but I fancy a change! From reading other threads, looks like the S-Line shocks will handle the lowering fairly well. I want to look at maybe 20mm max, 30 is a bit to far, I did that on my old ST and hated the ride.

    The reason for this thread...
    1) Does anyone have any images they can share with me of 20 or 30mm lowering, so i can compare.
    2) Anyone actually lowered the 2.0 tdi?
    3) Anyone got any recommendations on the most suitable springs, have done SPAX in the past, Eibach Pro springs the way forward?

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  3. LEE69

    LEE69 07 170 DSG Team Dolphin Grey Audi A3

  4. NoGGy

    NoGGy New Member

    Hi Mate,

    Thanks for that. Looks really good. It looks very similar to how mine sits currently, so I might need to go lower :/. I think i saw another post someone saying the S-Line shocks sit at 20mm anyways so lowering it to 25 only takes off 5mm....not sure if that true or not.
  5. ab1702

    ab1702 Active Member

    An s Line sits 25mm lower than an se model to start with. I have an s line with 30mm eibach pro springs on all 4 corners which means it is only sat 5mm lower than a standard s line
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  6. NoGGy

    NoGGy New Member

    Do you have a photo mate? So i can get an idea of how much a 5mm drop would look like? How does the ride feel for you?
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