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Sold a3 ap 2004 3.2ltr 250hp dsg auto. sline. 3 door.

bikedoctorr May 14, 2020

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  1. bikedoctorr

    bikedoctorr Member VCDS Map User

    2004 Audi a3 3.2ltr 250hp Quattro sport. 3 door, S line. Dsg gearbox with flappy paddles on steering wheel.
    car is near eastbounre bn27 area.
    I want £2000 or I keep it
    contact can be via whats app 07584420299 for pics.

    Good bits.

    Bose stereo upgrade with the 6 disc CD changer bose speakers and bass tube. Audi upgraded.

    Dual a/c climate control, you and passenger can have different temps. Air con still cold but not been recharged since I’ve had it.

    Black Half leather interior no rips, tears, stains etc.

    Dsg steering wheel. Flappy paddle.

    Esp (can be turned off in car)


    Iso fix seats to keep little ones secure.

    Audi Privacy glass (all rear windows black)

    Airbags (never activated as shown in vcds) passengers and driver. Passenger switchable.

    18 inch alloy wheels. Low profile tyres. Rears replaced last month.

    Rear folding seats give room for massive boot area if needed. Simple button and push to fold.

    Phone prep (Ive never used because my apple phone connects and you can hear your calls threw audio system but they cant hear you)

    Passed mot in sept after work done, it had seal welded up and a new drive shaft on the passenger side because it’s cheaper to replace the whole item over the rubber gators.

    New lamda sensor bank 1. Within last 2 months

    Been regular serviced by my self. Only mobile one fully synthetic oil used. New NGk plugs fitted last service. All filters.

    Gear box oil changed within its service schedule.

    Haldex serviced within its schedule.

    Rear pads and discs recently. Vented and drilled. Brembo pads.

    Scanned on vcds with no gearbox, engine, major faults showing. Can scan in front of buyer.

    Exhaust replaced throughout, front pipes stainless, rear box genuine Audi. Std cats left in so no lights on dash. Middle boxes removed for better sound like the mrk 5 golfs.

    Rear wiper motor replaced recently.

    Full service history lots of receipts

    104k miles. Confirmed within vcds if needed. Ive Had this car since 85k. 5 years I’ve had it. 20k by me.

    Bad bits

    Wheels scuffed

    Front wings rusted on lips of the arches (bolt on can be got from Ebay second hand)

    Sills starting to bubble with rust.

    Bottom of doors starting to bubble. (second hand ones on Ebay 60 quid to 100)

    Passenger side central locking intermittent. Common fault new motor is 25 quid on the net. Vcds shows this as a fault.

    Front tyres are legal but will need replacing soon. They have had pre puncture slime put in them to stop them leaking on the rims. This has caused a slight balancing issue that gets better as you drive and the slime is distributed around the tyre. When the tyres are changed this will self rectify.

    On vcds scan it shows a fault on the alarm system. It does work it’s the alarm sounder that’s gone wrong. Common fault. Fuse was removed to stop it going off in the middle of the night. Alarm and immobiliser still works with fuse out just no sound.

    pics are too large to upload so I can send via whats app.
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  3. bikedoctorr

    bikedoctorr Member VCDS Map User

  4. bikedoctorr

    bikedoctorr Member VCDS Map User

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