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A3 8V pre Facelift to Facelift Conversion

expay Dec 6, 2018

  1. expay

    expay New Member

    Hello guys, my name is Alfred and I am from Germany. I've got an Audi A3 8V Sedan and two days ago I had an accident on the front. Now I think about a facelift Conversion on the front. My Bodyshop would help me with that. But I need to know which parts have to be changed to get a perfect result. My A3 has Xenon Headlights. All I know is that I need the facelift Xenon Headlights and for sure the facelift front Bumper. Are there any other parts I have to change? Whats about the wiring of the headlights? Do they work plug&play?

    If anybody here has already done this conversion, I would be thankful for the part numbers to get the right parts.

    Thank you!

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