Wanted A3 8V MIB2 Controller


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Jul 15, 2021
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Hello. I am having my PFL 2015 A3 Etron Sportback upgraded to MIB2 at the end of July at Hazzy Dayz.

They want to charge a lot extra to change the controls so I thought I would look on here for a cheaper alternative.

Dubjam I think might have one for sale but as it's my first post it won't let me message him or reply to the post on the forum topic.

Does anyone know if changing the controller is very difficult and will it need coding at all?

Thanks in advance of any replies and I hope to hear from Dubjam if he sees this.
Thanks @Sandra , I'll drop you a message @TheButcherofBG

I would also suggest maybe getting a second quote on this install from someone like @DJAlix , as you must be fairly local to us if HD was an option.

Changing the console is relatively straight forward, but you'll have a mismatch if colours with a White LED MMI controller, and Red dash lights. Thats where my consoles come in as I offer FL consoles converted to RED LED's.
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