A3 8V heated seat wiring


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Hi guys,
I have bought S-Line, manual, heated seats from a 2015 A3.
I would like to install these seats in a Land Cruiser and use the heated feature.
Do you know if it is possible to wire the seats to my Toyota loom?
I have a factory plug (Toyota) available under the seats with a positive HIGH heat, positive LOW heat and ground. (See the switch below, it sends different voltages on the high or low setting)

Vertical heated switch.JPG thumbnail_IMG_1061.jpg

Is it possible to wire the Toyota positive HIGH heat, positive LOW heat and ground to the Audi seats?

It is important to know that :
- I will not have the climate control unit (obviously)
- The wiring loom for the Audi heated seats has been removed.
- The Audi seats are manual so I don't need to power them up

Thank you for your help!


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Hello again!
I have found out that I have the green plug under my Audi seat.
4 wires come out of that plug. Can I hard wire them to an after market switch/or to the Toyota low and high positive switch?
Can someone explain how to connect these 4 wires?
Thank you!


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You would need to reference the Audi and Toyota Wiring diagrams in order to work out the function of each connection and then wire accordingly.