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A3 8V FL Xenon LED difference

FredrikA3 Jan 2, 2017

  1. FredrikA3

    FredrikA3 Registered User


    So I am thinking about replacing my old A3 8P with a 8V FL. I can see that xenon is now standard but you can purchase LED headlights + LED rear lights.

    So the rear lights are easy to tell a difference from, but is the headlights any different?

    The package here is 2.500 £ so I am considering not to purchase and just retrofit the rears later on.
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  3. Mark_86

    Mark_86 Registered User

    I would imagine a retrofit of the front is rather difficult. The rears I can't see being a massive issue however... I'd wait for someone with more knowledge to comment on that though. £2.5k is alot of money, you could probably just go up a spec range and get them standard for that...
  4. FredrikA3

    FredrikA3 Registered User

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the response. The 2.500 £ is the price when buying the car, not for retrofitting. Our pricing here is sick so it is often cheaper to retrofit than add from beginning, I know the rears can be retrofit from around 1.000 £ here, but not sure about the fronts. Both are xenon (and LED I think) so I guess it would only be the headlights.
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