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Hello all,

I am a new member so hi there. I own an A3 8PA, 2008 model. I recently installed an aftermarket HU, a JVC, replacing my Concert 3 (I think). Anyway, at this moment the aftermarket HU has to be manually turned on/off since that action won't be done with the help of the ignition.

Now I read some stuff which say that I could pull a wire from the fuse box and make it work more normally, like turning on the HU when I start the car, and turning it off when I get my key out.

I don't really know the specificity of this, what wire to pull for instance so that everything would work normally. If someone knows this and can help out would be greatly appreciated.



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Check if the jvc has canbus pins, if not then fuses 1-11 in fuse box drivers side end of dash are ignition switched & best to use a spare slot, not piggyback.