[A3-8P3] Removing the silver steering wheel airbag badge / ring.


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Hello guys. I do not have a before picture but when I bought my A3 the silver semi circle that is on your steering wheel was badly damaged, seemed like it was chewed by a dog or something. So I really wanted to replace it.

This is just a simple couple of pictures to show you how its attached in case it might prove useful to you one day. It is NOT simple to remove it and I would only recommend doing this if you are on a tight budget or can't be ***** replacing the whole steering wheel (as in my case, all available ones on the market were damaged in other places so I didn't really want a complete replacement)

As a note, I tried the stick on silver lining thing, such as this one:
https://amzn.to/2Oq6RW5 and as you can imagine it is pretty dissapointing. It was very evidently stuck on there and looked cheap ( since it is ).

While it is unavailable, and I couldn't find anything similar on the market at this moment I used the following:

To remove the silver piece in my steering wheel, I simply used a couple of flat head screw drivers, one for holding the ring pried, the other one to undo the "mouths" of the original plastic piece. What I mean when I say "mouths" is the original factory silver liner has end points to keep it in, you will have to use one of the screw-drivers to bend it outwards and out of the holes.

Here is a couple of pictures, one of the original factory silver ring removed and the hole positions (2010 Audi A3 S-line) and the other picture of the amazon one bought fitted.

Its been 4 months now and I've got no complaints about it.

Upload 2019 7 28 22 13 54

Upload 2019 7 28 22 13 59