A3 8P1 1.9Tdi 2009 help needed please with the drivers door wiring diagram


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Hi there guys and Gals
I have just changed my "door actuator" and repaired some broken wires at door multiplug, nothing else.
The question is does anybody have any idea what the colours are to operate the door actuator ?
  1. Unlock. . . . . . .
  2. Lock. . . . . . . . .
I can open the door from the exterior handle and the pull wire inside.
On pressing the lock / unlock button on the key it does not not operate & I can't hear anything ! ! !
When I wired in the new multiplug I checked for continuity and all these joints are soldered and all have a layer of heat shrink.
The only operation that I have not performed is pressing the "lock button on the door card"

Any help would be much appreciated


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Hi what is it that sorted your problem as I have a similar problem. Replaced door connector now everything works apart from it won't lock. It will unlock but not lock. Do you know which wire does the lock signal? Tia


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Hi there
Sorry for the late reply.
In answer to your question I would suggest that you take the door card off and put to one side (so that it is not in your way) now looking up with a good strong LED torch check that all the rods and clips are still on.
Get somebody to sit in the car with you standing out side try and see if you still have the problem.
One thing that you might want to address is the "pitch" on the screwed rod if that is wrong it just will not work, it is a good idea to mark the position of the "pitch" before removal.
Just imagine turning the key and it only goes so far before it stops and the mechanism has only just started to move, hence "pitch" location.
The person sat in the car is a fail safe in case you can't get back in BUT you could alway's leave the window down.