A3 8P TDI Engine Undertray Info or Pics


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My A3 had a free Audi healtheck before xmas and its apparently got a small oil leak.

Next week I plan to whip the undertray off and have a look where it is.

I have noticed my undertray is barely held on, there's fixing bolts missing and all sorts. Im going to get this off ebay AUDI A2 A3 S3 TT RS UNDERTRAY FIXING KIT GENUINE | eBay and fix it on properly when looking for the oil leak.

Ive got a Haynes and done a search, but cant find any diagrams or pics of an A3 undertray and how it fixes to the car.

Anyone got any info?


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Seems a common issue mine came off yesterday at 70 MPH, wind was strong, tray was trashed car still under warranty from garage so they will sort it out....they have to do my Turbo anyway...police siren ....any garage will fit tray for a few quid..


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the undertray on mine is just fitted on by a number of screws along the back edge of the front bumper and around to the sides. if you get the car on a ramp you wont miss the screws as there 'should' be around 10 screws holding it up... trouble is most lazy garages take teh screws off and dont properly replace them after working on the car


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The undertray is held on by 3 bolts at the rear that screw into part of the chassis/subframe, the edges are the rubbish ones, they have pressed clips, attached to arch liner plastic pieces, that screws attach to (like a self tapper) which if the clips are compressed to much makes it difficult to screw into & thus damages the plastics the clips are fixed to as it twists round breaking the plastic areas & hence requires new arch liner pieces along with the clips.

As said, allot of garages do forget to reattach, which is for me just plain stupidity.

Overall though, fairly simple to remove, but taking care with the rear ones as they're right under there, so take safety precautions if jacking up & doing yourself.