a3 8P pre facelift to facelift front end


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hi all im sorry this question has probably been asked a million times but im receiving a 56 plate a3 for a breaker for very very cheap im sure these are the face lift model??

well i am going to be wanting the front bumper so i can have the wide mouth grill.
can anyone confirm that i need the bumper ,bonnet and wings to do this?

i am also going to be using the rear lights on my pre face lift. now is there anything else i can use for atheistic look?

thanks all :thumbs up:


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also when i receive the car for breaking it is a 1.9 tdi in black with just 117k on the clock


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There were 3 front ends on the 8p.
A 56 plate would be the middle one. What's usually referred to as a facelift is the 08/09 onwards models.
Those require the bonnet and wings but don't think going from the early split grill models to an 06 will require anything other than the bumper

Turns out you need to change the bonnet but the wings and headlights are OK.
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ive just been informed hat the audi i was buying has now been sold.
but its handy to know what is needed as i really want the wide mouth front end.

thank you for your help :)