A3 8P Help w Kw Street Comfort


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Hi, until recently i ran a modest eibach pro kit + bilstein b4 combo on my car. I got 12mm spacers on the back and 10mm on front wheels.
I just installed the KW Street Comfort coilovers and adjusted them to the same height that the car was on the Eibachs.
Didn't mess with the stiffness adjustment yet (left it in the middle) so i can get a feel of them at their stock recommended setting.
Took the car for a few spins over the weekend and am experiencing rubbing of the rears when there's a passenger @ rear seat going over bumps, and, very very rarely, of the fronts ( when going over bumps ).

Would hardening the shocks fix that ? is there anything else i should be checking ? (keeping in mind that i had no rubbing with my previous setup and i kept same height, at least visually).

Are the KW springs much softer compared to KW Pro Kit ?

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Did you figure out your KW suspension? If you still have the car. Looking at getting the same kit. Not sure if I will go with spacers.