A3 8p 2011 halogen h7 headlight bulbs


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Aug 23, 2016
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What halogen h7 headlight bulbs everybody using apart from the standard 1s?

Anybody got reviews of
Osram laser
Phillips racing vision
Or anybody using site member trups 1s?

All reviews would be great thank you

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It's wrote on the video
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Lots of us use t8ups for their lighting requirements, ask him for advice. Having very white nearly blue halogen bulbs does not mean you'll see any further. When I had halogen bulbs Nightbreakers were one of the top bulbs for useable light output but I now have HID's so things may have moved on.
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As we discussed Wil and for the benefit of others the new H7 Osram Nightbreaker Laser are a marketing con .

H4 Unlimited + 110% , up to + 35m .
H4 Laser + 130% , up to + 40m .

( This is a true 20% improvement )

H7 Unlimited +110% , up to + 40m .
H7 Laser +130 % , up to + 40m .

( This is a false 20% improvement as light distance remains the same at + 40m and the 20% improvement is "borrowed " from the H4 and applied to the whole range of Laser sizes. . . . .

You are better off cost wise getting the older Unlimited +110% or Philips Xtreme Vision + 130% , up to + 45m

As for the Philips RacingVision +150% they only have a 6 month warranty and just 200 hrs lifetime , Philips Xtreme Vision are 1 year warranty and 450 hrs .
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If you require a. legal contemporary pale blue/white light look, the best are Ultra. They are not expensive but I have not found them any brighter than standard. With regard to Osram v Phillips “brighter bulbs” they have been neck-and-neck in test surveys over the last 4-years with each exchanging the top slot. My view is that the Phillips are a bit overpriced.
Great price , they could be the perfect value solution for my dad's Hyundai that's got cornering lights so 2 sets .

Against the blue white glow of the sidelight strip the standard bulbs are drastically yellow , huge Kelvin difference .

I was looking at Philips 5000K Diamond Vision but at nearly £30 a pair it's. .

Typically all blue tint halogen bulbs offer no performance advantage as the blue glass reduces lumen output .

They won't be for everyone as in some projector housings standard outputs make for scary driving .
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2 / 11 / 16

Latest Auto Express H7 bulb test .


The new Philips Racing Vision +150% is Daddy but comprimised by bulb life .

Well down the order in 5th is Osram Night Breaker Unlimited +110% followed by Philips Xtreme Vision +130% .

A disappointing 8th is the new Osram Night Breaker Laser !

Forget the comedy prices , some savy shopping searches will prevail .

Anybody got any reviews of the Phillips racing vision 1s?

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I've tried a few and I'm currently using Phillips WhiteVision bulbs since I've found them to be the best in my opinion. The colour of the light looks nice and also the brightness was a big upgrade from the normal longlife H7s I was using before.

WhiteVisions in my main and high beams and a additional LED light bar for the high beams and its almost as clear as day even at night :welcoming: Going to upgrade to xenons soon though since Its dark from 4pm to 8am for most of the year here and halogens just don't quite cut it.
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Not on a subject of the halogen bulbs. Anyone tried H7 LED headlight bulbs? There are plenty of offers with high kelvins on ebay. Any opinions?

I've got Osram Night Breaker Unlimited a few months ago, but I don't think they are much better than the OEM halogens. Perhaps I still see the yellow tint because the Osrams are placed just above the LED DRLs and they are yellow in comparison to LEDs. That's why I got an idea to try a LED headlight upgrade kit. But there's not too many opinions out there.
Eurocarparts have 30% off - You can pick up the Racing Visions for £25. The Osrams and Xtreme Vision are also available fairly cheaply ...
Eurocarparts have 30% off - You can pick up the Racing Visions for £25. The Osrams and Xtreme Vision are also available fairly cheaply ...

Xtreme Vision £16.79
White Vision £19.59
Night breaker Unlimited £18.54
Night breaker Laser £25.19
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Prices have dropped even further on ECP for Black Friday ... e.g Nightbreaker Unlimited is £9!!
A quick comparison just in terms of looks and colour temp. My reference bulbs are the Philips Crystal Vision in the dipped beam.

Dipped - CrystalVision
Main - RacingVision 150
IMG 1151

Dipped - CrystalVision
Main - XtremeVision 130
IMG 1152
Those racing vision look yellow compared to crystal vision
I've ordered bulbs from site sponsor trups wanting for them to arrive and test them

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