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A3 8p 2010 iso for aftermarket Headunit

Asad Humayun Feb 9, 2020

  1. Asad Humayun

    Asad Humayun Registered User

    Hello readers,

    So aswell as many others , I've just bought a android hu but I can't tell how to plug it into the a3s connector.

    It's an unbranded unit and comes with multiple wires. The 2 which are likely to connect have the label 'a4' which connects up to the cars cable but without sound to rear speakers. The cable labelled A3 can't be connected up to anything ..

    IMG_20200209_174855.jpg is what's in the car.

    IMG_20200209_233732.jpg shows what the headunit expects to be plugged into something ?..

    Do I need an ISO cable ?
    Or do I use the 'a4' cable and play about with the rca cables?

    Thanks for reading

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  3. leonwilliams

    leonwilliams Registered User

    Have you got is sorted now as pics dont come up

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  4. Asad Humayun

    Asad Humayun Registered User

    @leonwilliams yup sorry forgot to update the post. As the cable labelled A4 fitted into the quadlock unused that and also managed to connect up the correct RCA cables for some rear Audio.

    Now on to the WiFi and Bluetooth issues ! I need to mod the rom and add a running script I think.

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