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A3 8P 1.9tdi cut out no power but turns over, oil overfill???

Marlow36 May 26, 2020

  1. Marlow36

    Marlow36 Registered User

    Hi just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
    Was driving today 70mph and engine suddenly cuts out looses all power. Fortumately manage to pull over in lay by tried to start but it just turns over nothing else. Popped the bonnet and it seems that oil has spluttered out all around the oil cap and the seems to be a bit of oil around the oil filter as well, but not sure if this is just normal.
    I recently had it serviced and it seems that the oil is overfilled not sure if this is a cause?
    Tried easy start but still nothing at all.
    Would appreciate any help/advice.

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