A3 8p 1.8 tfsi turbo failing !?


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Hi all!

I have an A3 8p sportback 1.8 tfsi 2010.

After a year of mind battling pros and cons on remapping my audi and researching it, I finally decided to go with APR stage 1 ecu upgrade. It did not go the way I hoped.

First, the intake side of the turbo was quite oily so the mechanic said he would look into it after the remap.
He test drove the remapped car for a while, hooked up to his laptop.

The problem:
boost pressure not getting high enough. He was surprised no fault code had appeared even on stock ecu, the turbo was giving only half the power.

Then he remapped the ecu back to stock and scheduled for turbo investigation, maybe even replacing it. No charge for the remapping back and forth though :relieved:.

The car (and the turbo) has 160k km on the clock.
Engine rebuild due to oil consumption at 105k km. Turbo not replaced.

-what is the expected lifetime of my turbo?

-Is it worth to search for a fault (charges 75€ per hour) or should i just ask him to replace It straight away (about 800-1000€ work included)

-Are there any other parts that I should consider changing when remapping to apr stage 1?

-other thougths, experiences on the matter?

Best regards


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The turbo shouldn't fail at 160k. I would definitely have someone investigate the problem before just replacing the turbo.


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After a little investigation they found the fault, diverter valve was broken.
They replaced It with a new one and uploaded the apr stage 1.
After a couple of pulls with the car hooked to the laptop, success!!

The car feels really good with ALOT more torque and power 2k revs->