A3 3DR - Seat Problems.....HELP!!


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Hi All,

So I'm looking for some advice basically, and I'm hoping this is the place to ask! I've got a 2006 S-Line 3DR A£ and recently the passenger seat has stop working as it should. BEAR WITH!

So when the sit is in it's fully upright position you are meant to be able to lift the handle on the side to fold the seat forward which will also push the seat forward to allow someone to get in and out of the back. You should then be able to push the seat back and then unfold and it will go back to where the seat was before.

Just recently it has stopped doing this, when you lift the handle the seat folds down but no longer pushes forward. I'd assume there's been a clip or something come off from inside the seat but I can't find a way into the seat. They are the leather S-Line ones if that makes any difference.

I've tried to have a look from underneath best I can but can't see anything broken, anyone on here had the same problem or know how to fix it as it's becoming a pain in the **** now that it doesn't work


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probably something went on the rail (small stone, coin etc...) check if you can move the seat back and forward with lower right handle (regulating leg space).


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The lower right handle works fine, that's how people are getting in the back at the moment. Having to use the top left handle to fold the seat forward then awkwardly reach for the lower right handle to move the seat forward which is less than ideal.


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This is a fairly common problem with the 3 door, what's happened is a clip has broke, my S3's passenger seat had it when I picked it up. Got it fixed at Toyota but it then always made a clicking noise when sliding and broke again a few months later (the drivers seat is fine and makes no noise when sliding). I'll get Storm Devs to look at it when it is in next week.

Here's some more information on it if you want to attempt it yourself or advise someone else: http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/3-door-seat-tilt-and-slide-problem.177791/. There's a link in the last post to a step-by-step photo guide on another forum as the OP pictures have since been removed on the host site for the above link.

Part numbers are:

Passenger side – 1K3 881 132 B
Drivers side - 1K3 881 132 C
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Exactly what HHS3 has said and i used the thread that he has linked.. I fixed this a while back and made a few videos on it, but the files are so damn big to upload. There is a clip that hooks on onto the backrest part of the seat and the cable runs through this clip. The clip essentially helps keep the cable under tension. I can try find some pics if it helps? I might even update the original thread too sometime over the weekend if I get some time.