A3 3.2 V6 Quattro sport DSG


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Im new to this site so hope ive posted in right place.
I am looking at getting the A3 3.2 V6 quattro DSG automatic, full service history done 110,000 miles just under £6,000. Never had an audi before but love the look of this and love a fast car just wondering if this is high mileage for a 2006 car and is there anything I need to look for when viewing it?
Also do these cars have a lot of problems?
Any advice appreciated


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Hi mate and welcome

Timing chains can stretch a high mileage but normally very good solid engine ,make sure at idle it smooth and pulls nice and strong . DSG box is great but if it goes wrong not cheap to fix £1500 + just had to replace the mechatronic unit on mine .

Sure someone else will give you a few more things to look out for


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I got my a3 3.2 quattro dsg s-line with 52k, full service history and full audi service history for £6500.

If i was you i would look around a bit more, make sure its unmodified and when the dsg gearbox and quattro system was serviced


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Facelift grille models (post 55 plate) are worth slightly more and look a lot better IMO. Agree on the cam chain - make sure this is checked as it's expensive to fix.