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For Sale A3 3.2 Sport

Dan320is Nov 8, 2017

  1. Dan320is

    Dan320is Member

    Audi A3 3.2 Sport Quattro
    DV54 OCL
    2004 '54.
    Manual, not DSG.
    127,600 miles.
    MOT until 28/06/2018.

    Located near Newmarket, Suffolk.

    Owned since 2012 this A3 has been the best car I've ever owned, subject to my obssesive detailing hobby and proventative maintainance it is one of the best examples around. It shares it's underpinnings with the VW Golf Mk5 R32 but fortunately doesnt share the inflated price tag.
    For a 2004 car the A3 is in brilliant condition but does have minor marks/stone chips comesurate with age and mileage.

    Sharing the same 3.2 narrow degree V6 BDB engine as the Mk5 Golf R32, if you're looking at one these make sure the timing chain/guides/tensioners have been changed as its a huge costly task - this has been done by Audi just before my ownership at 96,000 miles. The service history displays the preventative attitude to maintainance - other tasks carried out during my ownership along with oil services at 102143, 109096, 113393, 119904 and 127593.
    The exhaust centre section flexible joints perished, I had a stainless steel section made which included downpipes and 100 cell cats which liven up the tone. The rear section is standard so it isn't loud or obtrusive - 22/2/2016 at 113567.

    Maurituis blue (LZ5C) in fantastic condition, the nearside front wing was replaced with a genuine Audi part due to a dent which I didn't want filled. At the same time an S-line tailgate spoiler was painted and fitted.
    Much to my partners dismay I spend hours cleaning the car, carefully using methods not to enduce any marks, machine polishing and sealing it with CarPro products - OCD???
    Rear lights upgraded to units from an '09 model.

    I've been through two suspenion set ups to tailor the ride and handling characterists to my taste and settled on the ST XA coilovers made by KW. These have been cleaned and protected on a regular basis. Fitted March 2016.
    To create better turn in and steering feel I added an anti-lift front wishbone rear bush kit by Powerflex.
    Full geometry setup by Cambridge Performance Tyres.

    Wheels & tyres
    Very light Team Dynamics Pro race 1.2 in 18x8.0 ET45 with Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyres. I had these repainted so the finish is as glossy on the inside as the front faces, Ceramic sealed for protection and easy cleaning. The nearside front wheel has a kerb mark from lending the car to my partner whilst her car was out of action.

    Beige leather in good condition regularly cleaned and conditioned.

    Not all detailed below but some main points picked out from the history.
    Haldex system serviced at 102143 & 122675.
    Fuel tank replaced due to corrosion on pump mount plate, pump and sender replaced at the same time - 11/2/2016 at 113421.
    Dual mass flywheel and clutch replaced 15/09/2016 at 117304.
    Exhaust lambda sensors (pair) 29/10/2016 at 119904.
    Four wheel alignment 16/3/2017 at 124759.

    The folder of receipts is vast and in date order so feel free to have a cuppa whilst you read through it when viewing the car.

    Link to Flickr album of the A3 https://www.flickr.com/gp/153971539@N02/v3q25w

    Terms of sale
    I'm not a fan of selling cars, if I don't get the sale I want then the car will remain in storage as it doesn't need to be sold/replaced - with a company vehicle and my partners car playing daily duties the A3 is idle.

    No group viewings, by all means bring your friend/partner/parent - not a whole people carrier full as the viewing will cease immediately.

    No calls or texts making low ball offers, if you're interested in the car come and view it.

    Payment - the car will be released on reciept of cleared funds - bank transfer with funds showing in my account or cash with us going to my local bank and depositing it.

    No warranties inferred or given, just as any other private sale of a used thirteen year old car.
    Advertised elsewhere so reserve the right to withdraw from sale.

    Dan zero7885977six04
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2017
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  3. Furryhobnob

    Furryhobnob Active Member


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  4. Dan320is

    Dan320is Member

    £3900 offers

    I should've highlighted the price, it's at the top of the ad'.
    Furryhobnob likes this.
  5. Dan320is

    Dan320is Member

    Price drop £3700, open to offers.
  6. Dan320is

    Dan320is Member

    Not one enquiry from any site this is advertised on, flexible on price chaps.

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