A3 3.2 Quattro 8P1 2005 Coilovers


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Looking at getting some coilovers on a budget. Brands I've found are Stance+, JOM, Pro Sport and FK AK.

Just wondering if anyone has any of these installed and how they like them or dislike them.

I've heard about adjustable tie bars being installed on the rear when you install the coilovers, is this something I need?


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Hi! When I got my S3 a couple years ago it had Pro Sport coilovers on and from my experience of lowered cars on springs and other budget coilovers these were absolutely terrible! They were only on about a 20mm drop from standard and the ride was awful. Stiff as anything and rattled the car like no ones business! I swapped them fairly quickly for some AP coilovers. I know they're a bit more expensive but mine are wound pretty low down, more like a 40/45mmmm drop from standard and although it's still stiff, it's nowhere near as bad as the Pro Sport ones.

I had H&R springs on stock shocks for a while too and they were spot on for a nice drop in height and ride comfort. I only swapped onto AP coilovers as I wanted to go lower and it's not a daily car so I can put up with the slightly stiffer ride every now and then.

The only thing I can say in their defence is that I didn't know how old the Pro Sport coilovers were when I got the car so they could have already been worn out or damaged etc which may have made things worse.

Hope this helps! :smiley:


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Thanks for the reply

Pro Sport are currently the cheapest so I suspected this might be the case.
I'll have a look at AP.

Yeah I was thinking about getting lowering springs but the reason I'm wanting to do it now is because the shocks are going so I would have to get new shocks on the front too. However I would prefer them over coilovers for the ride comfort. Does anyone know of any uprated shocks I could get? If I were to go for springs and replace the shocks I may as well upgrade them a small amount