A3 3.2 pulsing issue!?


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Hi, I have recently got myself an A3 3.2 Quattro, noticed it has a fault which I cannot diagnose, if you hold the revs at about 2000 rpm it pulses (higher and lower) it does the same when you activate launch control, and also when your driving at low speed, you can feel the power dropping off etc. Seems to be only when the revs are low, has plenty of power higher up the range. Only code coming on vag com is 01072 - clutch positioner vacuum valve n183. Do you think this is related? Or could it be cool related, I'm unsure where to start.


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Look at posts regarding the ECU update if you haven't got this fixed already! :¬)


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Also check the coilpacks were done on a recall or replaced after the standard ones form factory - I believe is common.