A3 2006 TDI 2l Engine Mods


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Hey all, have to forgive me if this has been mentioned before etc etc...

I've got a 2006 A3 2l TDI Sportback and have a few engine mods planned (remap, dump valve, exhaust and possible a better intake filter?). Nothing silly.

To start, what dump valves are there for diesels? I'm not looking for something silly loud but a nice wollowing noise would be nice.

Remap wise, what routes do I take with this? What brands/options are there? Anyone map locally to the Bath/Bristol area? I'm not looking at spending wads of cash.

Same with exhaust, nothing silly loud (as this is a diesel!) but a nice tone, my exhaust at present is a twin exit (on left side) standard. Would an RS exhaust be an added benefit (in noise and exhaust air flow)?

Thanks y'all!