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A3 2.0tdi sline 140 help please?

nathan williams Dec 17, 2019

  1. nathan williams

    nathan williams New Member

    Hey guys... posting here out of desperation really... but figured somebody might have some useful info that might help me out...

    Long story short I bought a 60 plate 2.0tdi A3 S line 140 at the start of July on finance. Listed as "mechanically perfect" beautiful car, full audi service history, timing chain replaced on time etc only 95k on the clock... 8 days later had a scary incident when the engine ran away from me on the M4 and the turbo blew... got a tow home from the AA. Called the dealer first thing next morning... in fairness to them they told me to get the car towed straight back to them and they would take a look...

    Turbo was blown and replaced as were two of the fuel injectors. Car returned to me about 2 weeks later again in mint condition, Drove perfectly for about 1500 miles including a 450 mile round trip up to sheffield and back no issues. few months later I broke down again on the m4 dash flashed up with an ABS warning, lost power steering and rev counter dropped to zero. Started again but with a knocking sound. Got towed home again. This time I took it to a friend of the family who found another knackered injector. Sucks but this time I paid for it and put it down to bad luck...

    Now on Friday, the car seemed to go into limp mode although there were no lights on the dash, no horrible sounds. car idled perfectly but would not accelerate over 25 mph even when flooring the gas (rev counter barely got up to 2k revs with it floored). Family friend takes a look at it... oil ******* through the DPF. Intercooler flooded with oil... the new turbo knackered with significant play in the impeller. EGR valve is stinking. He reckons that when the original turbo blew and was replaced they should have checked out other parts of the engine. Suspects that the oil sump pickup is ****** and has allowed oil to flood around the place until the point where the engine could no longer breathe and the car was stuck in the mud so to speak unable to get any boost and get moving. Reckons the repair bill is going to be around £2000.

    Any ideas where I stand on this legally? If the original repair was done half assed (albeit expensive and paid for by the dealer) am I likely to have a leg to stand on in holding them responsible for this new repair. Replacing the third injector and having the car serviced again already cost me over £500. Now potentially facing another £2000 repair bill less than 5 months after buying the car (paid 7.5k - 10k with interest on the finance) seems a kick in the balls from a car that was specifically listed for sale as mechanically perfect.

    Any ideas on what my next step should be? The DPF and intercooler are literally full of oil...When the car was first returned to me I had a flashing coil light on it which the guys at dealership said was the EGR valve. they also said that if i drive it for a while and do a couple of DPF regen runs then the coil light should stop flashing (which it did) if not they said they would have it back to replace the EGR also.. however as the light went away as they suggested it would I did not think much of it until this latest disaster.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers guys
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  3. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Well-Known Member Audi S3 Black Edition Manual

    If they are a registered dealer you are covered for 6 months under the Consumer Rights Act. The onus is on you to prove the issue already existed but I think you’re pretty safe there based in the work that’s been done.

    I’d get back onto the dealer quickly - put it in writing so you have evidence and that the request was made within the 6 mth time frame.
  4. John Lang

    John Lang Member

    The usual route for oil in the intercooler is from a failed turbo.
    When the turbo was replaced, the oil feed should have been replaced and ideally a sump clean too.
    So as the turbo was already replaced by the supplying dealer, I think you have a claim and could reject the car, but as per the previous post, only if it's no more than 6 months from the date of purchase. If rejecting towards the end of the 6 month period, your refund would be reduced to account for 6 months usage of the car.
  5. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Well-Known Member Audi S3 Black Edition Manual


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