A3 2.0t Quattro Build Thread


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Been lurking about on the forum for about a month now since picking up a 2010 A3 2.0T fsi Quattro s-tronic s-line in black with 25k on the clock


However after reading various threads over the last month the time has now come to start a few tweaks here and there.

Current plans are as follows:

RS3 grill for front- due to cost have gone for a replica. Getting in black with chrome audi rings. This arrives tomorrow so will post up pics when it does

Change rear A3 and 2.0t rear badges to black.

Wheels- thinking of ttrs wheels or reps at the moment. What are people's thoughts on 18 or 19"?

Suspension- obviously need to lower the car. I've had extremely low cars in the past and it was a nightmare getting around, what drop would you recommend that would still be practical with all the speed bumps in London?

Lights- change all external bulbs especially dlr to a whiter bulb

Full milltek system
Revo cai
Amd stage 2 map

What would be a good cost effective upgrade? £600 max really

Footwell lights
Puddle lights
Handle lights
TT pedals


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like the look of those rear badges first time i have seen them. brakes you can start off with S3 345mm setup at £350 or RS3 for roughly the same but dearer running costs discs pads etc.
Grille looks awesome, I would personally just not have badges on the back. Try and get some BBS's or Rotors (18") as they fit the A3 perfectly, and about the lowering I would go for coilovers, yet have AP X's and i would rate them 5* absolute quality.