A3 2.0 tdi fuel filter replacement


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I have a 2007 2.0 tdi a3 thinking of doing my own service and was wondering if I change the fuel filter do I need vcds to bleed the system or can I just crank the engine until it starts thanks.
Or can anyone recommend someone in the notts/Derbyshire area to do a service thanks.


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I did the filters myself (bar oil) last time with the help of YouTube videos.

Fuel filter is easy, no need to bleed, just pull it out slowly so you don't spill diesel everywhere.

Hex key is all you need.


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As said , the fuel filter is easy.
Be aware that there are 2 types of fuel filter arrangement, made by different companies: the Mann & Hummel type and the UFI type.
The filter inserts are different so you need to get the correct one!
My 2007 model 2.0 has the UFI filter assembly (luckily the side of the filter housing says so!) and on these its really important to tighten the screws down on the filter top evenly and in a diagonal pattern.
If you don't then the cover can leak, and in extreme circumstances can result in the cam belt being doused in diesel!
The last fuel filter I bought for my car (a Mann brand one from Euro Car Parts) even came complete with a warning letter stressing the importance of tightening the filter cover properly.....