A3 170 TDI S/B- S-tronic V Octavia VRS DSG Diesel......


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Just curious if anyone can clue me in on the performance of the A3 against the VRS.. i currently drive a VRS Manual, which is up for renewel in JAN and will be replaced with the A3 170 TDI S/B S-Tronic... while i have enjoyed the VRS it wasnt much of a hard decision to go for the A3, that said, i did test drive the VRS DSG and was very impressed and had i known about the delays in delivery i may well have gone for the VRS... the testdrive in the A3 S-tronic was different though, mainly because the Sales Manager was sat next to me praying i didnt give it some, so it was hard to get a feel of how good it was.... just wondering if anyone out there has driven both recently..... Thanks in advance.:yes:


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Not driven the vRs, but we have a 170 DSG S-Line and it is very good. Performance is strong and the engine suits the gearbox well. I drive the 2.0T in my sig, and my parents have the 170TDi DSG and there isn't much in real world driving between them. Apart from the 20mpg more that you get that is!!!


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that'sa bit tight of them, when I took a new S3 SB out for a test I rallied the crap out of it and the nice lady didn't mind one bit.


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yeah i destroyed an S3 on a test drive not that long ago, and an M3 straight after. you're the customer - do what you want.